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GWF ernennt Markus Neuhaus zum Geschäftsführer für das internationale Geschäft

Das Familienunternehmen GWF mit Hauptsitz in Luzern ernennt zum 1. Januar 2022 Markus Neuhaus
zum Geschäftsführer für das internationale Geschäft. Damit ergänzt Neuhaus die vierköpfige Geschäftsführung, die bereits seit mehreren Jahren erfolgreich zusammenarbeitet.

Das Unternehmen GWF, das im Schweizer Markt als Hersteller und Systemintegrator für die Messung von Wasser, Abwasser, Strom, Gas und Wärme erfolgreich ist, konnte in den letzten Jahren auch international wachsen. Ausserhalb der Schweiz ist das Unternehmen insbesondere im Wasser- und Abwasserbereich aktiv und beliefert Versorger, Industrieunternehmen und Systemintegratoren mit Messgeräten und massgeschneiderten Lösungen.

«Ich freue mich, die Erfolgsgeschichte von GWF im internationalen Geschäft weiterzuschreiben. Wir haben ein ausgezeichnetes Team und richtungsweisende Technologien für die wichtigste Ressource der Welt.», sagt der 44-jährige Neuhaus, der seit vier Jahren bei GWF tätig ist und zuvor umfassende Erfahrung bei Messgeräteherstellern und auf der Versorgerseite sammeln konnte.

«Wir freuen uns, mit Markus einen Branchenexperten für die Weiterentwicklung unseres internationalen Geschäfts gewonnen zu haben und dass wir die Rolle intern besetzen konnten.», sagt Harald Tiemann, der die Internationalisierung der GWF über die letzten 10 Jahre mitgeprägt hat und nun, nach seinem Ausscheiden
aus dem operativen Geschäft, dem Unternehmen als Verwaltungsrat verbunden bleibt. «Wir sind aufgrund unserer Investitionen der vergangenen Jahre sehr optimistisch für die weitere Geschäftsentwicklung in unserem Heimatmarkt Schweiz und ausgewählten internationalen Märkten. Markus Neuhaus wird mit seinem Team einen wesentlichen Beitrag zu unserem zukünftigen Erfolg leisten und ich freue mich sehr auf die intensivierte Zusammenarbeit mit Markus.», sagt Florian Strasser, VRP und Sprecher der Geschäftsführung, der das internationale Geschäft zuvor verantwortet hat.

Freundliche Grüsse

GWF MessSysteme AG

Pandemic Note on the current situation

Dear partners and customers,

Due to the global spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), GWF has set up a task force to implement the recommendations of the Federal Office of Public Health with internal measures which are constantly reviewed and adapted as and when required. In addition, measures have been taken to secure our production, logistics, services and accessibility.

You can reach your GWF contacts via their personal telephone numbers and email addresses. We are also available for video conferences.
We are currently fully capable to deliver and have taken measures to maintain our delivery capability over the coming months. We will inform you transparently, should individual orders be delayed and ask that you plan your needs for products and services carefully and to inform us timeously to ensure that we are able to assist you.

We would like to close with a big “Thank You!”. You as our partners and customers stand for safe and clean delivery of energy, water and heat. In times like these, we are reminded about the importance of functioning infrastructure in cities and buildings. Your dedication to your work contributes greatly to overcoming this crisis. Thank you.

Urs Imholz, Member of the Board of Switzerland              Florian Strasser, President and Chairman

Measurement of effects of Covid-19 shutdown

Social distancing doesn’t stop us from doing what we love: in this example we measure wastewater to assess the effect of the shutdown on wastewater infrastructure. The results are used to assess the quality and size of the infrastructure and decide on potential adjustments. Our “Q-Eye PSC Portable” is easy to use and provides instant and highly accurate data. More information can be found here.

GWF Sample Collector App

Detecting COVID-19 in wastewater can be an early indicator for infected areas. A new MyGWF app digitizes the collection and analysis of field samples for water/wastewater companies and laboratories. The Covid-19 crisis has highlighted the need for large scale testing around the world. Conducting large scale testing, requires new tools or effective and efficient sampledata collection, tracking, and analysis. Especially in the water and wastewater industry. The new MyGWF app supports the sample collection process and combines water or wastewater analysis data with other reference data such as geo data to track areas with high infection rates and identify trends in the spread of viruses or contaminations in our water or wastewater systems. For researchers, NGOs, and water/wastewater companies the use of the App is free of charge to support the hard work that is put into dealing with the coronavirus crisis. For more information on our digital products and our new GWF Sample Collector please send us an email:

Successful MID (MI-001) and OIML R49 certification for sonico® EDGE

GWF has successfully attained MID (MI-001) and OIML R49 certification for the revolutionary sonico® EDGE with its patented 4D Technology®. The MID conformity confirms the best in class measuring performance of R1000 in all installation positions and real-world U0/D0 installation scenarios for the nominal sizes DN50 – DN150. The ultrasonic water meter features solid-state metrology with no degradation of accuracy over time. Combined with the robust meter design without flow straightener and cavities sonico® is built to withstand demanding service conditions and deliver sustained and repeatable accuracy over the life of the meter. This makes sonico® ideal for use in high-value meter points, e.g., district metering, large commercial users, industrial systems and agricultural applications. Find out more on our webpage.

Ensuring customers are GDPR & ISO27001 compliant with «myGWF»

When GDPR came into force in May 2018, many requirements had to be met by companies to demonstrate full compliance with the regulation. For the EU utilities market, in particular, it stipulates that all meter data must be encrypted and that each meter requires an individual encryption key.

At GWF MessSysteme AG, we obviously want to offer our partners and customers added value in this specific context. As such, we have launched a specially designed platform called «myGWF». The handling of remote keys is now fully automated and entirely separate from FTP/SFTP/FTPS or email exchange.

Advantages of the myGWF platform…

We believe that technological progress will save our planet. Let’s meet and discuss at EUW in Paris.

Responsible use and effective management of natural resources in the context of growing populations, urbanization and climate change are the most pressing challenges of our time. Generating reliable measurement data is fundamental to gaining key insights for actions that will determine our future.

Through our open and trusted GWFcoder® technology in water and gas applications, GWF continues to contribute to technological progress in accurate measurement and granular data collection. In 2018, GWF launched a wide range of ultrasonic measurement devices based on our patented GWF 4D Technology®. These high-quality products generate reliable data in wastewater, hydropower, irrigation, hydrology, and water supply applications.

Let us discuss how we can use GWF’s technologies and our collaboration to make the world a better place.

Smart Meter Roll-out in Luxemburg has started

GWF MessSysteme AG delivers smart water meters with wired and wireless M-Bus data transmission for the implementation into the nationwide Luxmetering IT network


Ville de Dudelange has been participating as a Luxembourgish gas and water Distribution System Operator (DSO) since the end of 2011 in a project with the scope for deployment of a national smart metering system for gas and electricity, with the possibility to enlarge this system to water and thermal meters. This project is led by an Economic Interest Group, called Luxmetering in charge of all common operations concerning the smart metering system, including the purchase, installation and operation of the central system that will collect and manage the smart metering data and functionality. Furthermore, they will manage the coordination and acquisition of all the field equipment including smart electricity, gas and water meters.

GWF at European Utility Week in Vienna

European Utility Week was held at the Messe Wien Exhibition & Congress Center in Vienna from November 6 – 8, 2018. The event once again brought together suppliers, distributors, manufacturers, and customers.

GWF had its own booth under the direction of the International Sales Team and met with customers, partners, and interested parties. Special attention was paid to 4D technology, a brand-new development from GWF. Visitors had a chance to see for themselves the extraordinary performance features of the technology at the specially constructed test stand with a sonico® EDGE DN50. Eight models of various sizes up to DN300 of the sonico® EDGE and VANTAGE series could also be viewed at the booth.

New look GWF website

We are proud to present to you our newly launched website. It has been adapted to the latest technical evolutions and is now available to read on all devices. Some of the content has also been updated, as people use the site differently on various technical devices. If you are unable to find the information you are looking for, please give us a call. We will be more than happy to help. Thank you and enjoy the website of GWF MessSysteme AG, Lucerne.

Note: If you have any suggestions for the future, feel free to contact us. We really welcome your feedback and suggestions, and will try to integrate them into our website. As it is important that the website continues to evolve and grow. Simply speak to the Marketing department or a member of staff you already have contact with. Thank you for your cooperation!

GWF extends its product and technology portfolio to include acoustic flow measurements

GWF took over the product portfolio of HydroVision GmbH in April 2018 and now offers acoustic flow measurements in the fields of hydrology, hydropower, waste water, water supply and industry using solutions from its own in-house facilities.

Product Catalog EN and press release can be found here.

NEW – UNICOcoder® MP

The all new singlejet meter with wired and wireless M-Bus consumption meter with liter resolution.

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