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Customer satisfaction is important to GWF.

Hence we support our customers after the sale. Our staff warmly welcomes you to call us as we are happy to answer service requests or simply to help you implement your own projects. Technical support is offered online in our contact form, or via phone during local business hours.


Fast solutions to complex queries at GWF:

  • Ticketing system oriented documentation of all supported cases for quality assurance
  • Continuous supervision by one staff member through to the final solution
  • An accredited test laboratory for problem simulation which ensures immediate insight into problems

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Mon – Thur:  7:30 to 11:30 / 13:30 – 16:30
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Lucerne, Switzerland. Central European Time (UTC +1)

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Swiss esteem for more than a century:

Everyday more property owners appreciate our wide range of services and expert support even after project finalization.


So that we speak of the same

We work with a remote maintenance system so that we can help you as fast as possible. With the online session our employees can navigate over your screen and therefore have better insight into finding a solution.

How to start an online support session?

  1. Simply by clicking on the button in the download area (Remote maintenance).
  2. Initiate the program and follow the instructions.
  3. Kindly provide your assigned ID number and password to the GWF support staff. An ID and Password is individually assigned for every session.


Now one of our experienced professionals can assist you as if he were right on the spot with you.


Our experienced employees focus on impeccable quality. This approach is reflected in our start-to-finish support services from the system design, through training courses, and the reading, processing and analysing of data to financing solutions.

Verification and calibration facility

GWF is an accredited verification and calibration facility for gas-, water and heat meters according to IEC 17025; verification of warm water meters. Conformity certificate according to MID Module-D (METAS-Cert).

If measuring instruments are used for custody transfer purposes, then they must be verified according to national regulations. For gas-, water- and heat meters the customer often requires proof that the meter has been calibrated by a state regulated facility (i.e. tested and calibrated to a certain measuring accuracy).

GWF thus offers excellent facilities for the calibration, verification, re-verification and preliminary testing of:

  1. Cold water meters.
  2. Warm water meters and volume measuring parts (singlejet-, multijet- and bulk water meters)
  3. Gas meters and volume correctors
  4. A broad spectrum of our own product assortment and other manufacturers
  5. If you need your measuring instrument tested, rely on our technical and industry specific expertise
Customer service

Due to the important task our measuring instruments play in their daily use, we place special attention upon:

  1. Prompt service
  2. High quality standards
  3. Competent technical personnel


Our offer encompasses the following:

  1. Consultation
  2. Revisions
  3. Maintenance
  4. Servicing
  5. Verification

Information in digital form.

We are fully committed to the environment and offer virtually every piece of information in digital form. Below you will find documents sensibly grouped into categories that can help you. Don’t delay, use them today. If you prefer analogue resources, you can order them through your customer advisor or directly from us.

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System brochures on detailed topics

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One of the best ways to learn more about GWF products and services is to look at the real-world value GWF brings to customers. With customers around the globe, GWF has implemented energy and water solutions for a wide range of energy and water providers. These success stories say a lot about what we do, how we go about doing it, and the lasting benefits we deliver.



GWF Reference List of Encoder Deployments

An excerpt from the reference list of utilities with gas or water meters, which today already use the GWFcoder® with innovative readout technology

– N-ergie Nürnberg Germany
– TRE-FOR Multi-utility Denmark
– Industrielle Werke Basel
– Stadtwerk Winterthur
– Sankt Galler Stadtwerke
– Service Industrielle Gèneve
– Die Werke Versorgung Wallisellen AG
– Wasserversorgung Stadt Zürich
– Gemeindebetriebe Seuzach
– Wasserversorgung Döttingen
– Wasserversogung Auw
– Wasserversorgung Hunzenschwil
– Einwohnergemeinde Meisterschwanden
– Gemeinde Bassersdorf
– Communie Châtel-St.-Denis
– Comune de Montana, Crans-Montana
– Industrielle Betriebe, Igis-Landquart
– Energie und Wasser Meilen AG, Meilen
– Wasserversorgungsgenossenschaft, Schötz
– Technische Betriebe Will
– Wasserversorgung St. Moritz
– Energie Thun AG, Thun


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