Water Metering Global

Learn more about our worldwide business. GWF is continuously and purposefully expanding its competence and markets abroad to overseas. In addition to America, business is increasingly expanding in Asia and Africa.


Water the life stream.

Dedicated to preserving natural resources, GWF delivers robust solutions for revenue relevant data streams for the management of a very precious resource, water.

Our water metering systems are based on proven technology derived from our global experience in the water sector.


Integrated solutions.

Our metering platform offers new insights a complete overview of the energy and water consumption.

We meet the highest standards in terms of quality and longevity, safety and measuring accuracy to ensure your individual metering system is tailored to your needs.


Idea to product – Swiss engineering.

A successful product requires a well thought-out design. We take your idea and transform it into a fully certified metering product, ready to manufacture at the lowest cost of ownership.

Our highly skilled engineering team manage all details encompassing design and manufacturing processes.

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