The precise measurement of flow rates and water consumption is becoming increasingly important in a globalised world facing major challenges to meet the sustainable usage of natural resources. In addition, process automation and trends such as «Industry 4.0» and the «Internet of Things» have also increased the demands on data quality and granularity. We look forward to exchanging ideas on the key future issue of «water» and working together.


For utilities GWF offers a comprehensive array of products. This includes the domestic water meters in metrological class C and meters for bulk measurement.


For residential applications GWF offers well proven multijet, singlejet and rotary piston meters for submetering and domestic applications. Multijet and singlejet meters can be supplied with pulsed or GWFcoder® technology for central readout or process control. Rotary piston meters can only be supplied with GWFcoder® technology for central readout.

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All our C&I water meters can be equipped with our GWFcoder® communication modules that facilitate remote reading by methods such as radio, M-Bus and pulse. As a complete systems provider, we also provide software to manage the data.


Woltman water meters

The Woltman cold water meters are suited for the measurement of bulk cold water. They can be delivered with the GWFcoder® technology, a multitude of pulser configurations and can be connected into remote readout and control systems.

Wide range of applications possible

GWF is a leader in innovative technologies, products and solutions for flow measurement. We measure everywhere: in rivers, canals, partially filled pipes and pressure lines.

We invite you to discover our products and services in the field of acoustic flow measurement.


GWF systems have a modular design and are ready for migration. The standardised data interfaces of the GWFcoder® technology enable interoperability with todays standard system components and future communication technologies.

No matter whether you use mobile drive-by reading via wireless communication or fixed net communication via Ethernet with glass fibre cables or power lines – the data communication link can be retrofitted flexibly and according to changing needs. The GWFcoder® meter remains in place. It supplies the effective meter reading «on demand» and operates without an external power supply or batteries.



Meter reading without having to access the meter. When it comes to optimizing readings of both residential and C&I meter types in urban, suburban or rural areas, a mobile wireless system offers a reliable and economic solution.

In a drive-by meter reading application, more than 250 meters can be readout in only 30 minutes.

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Your Benefit

  • GIS map supported readout of different meters: Optimized meter readout and overview
  • Complete integration into existing IT environment: Direct data transfer to the billing system – no manual data transfer required
  • Automatic consumption verification (plausibility check) at the time of reading: Deviations can be clarified on site


  • «Manual» readout and «Drive-by» radio readout of water, gas, electric and heat meters
  • For mobile radio readout of hard to access meter locations, e.g. pits, with support of exact map location
  • Integrated meter exchange process in the field. Meter number and meter reading are send directly to the responsible body



Remote meter reading

Remote meter reading of residential, commercial and industrial meters makes consumption data available through a variety of interfaces and communications platforms.

GWFcoder® interfaces

GWFcoder® remote meter reading with CL, M-Bus or RS232 interfaces offers transferal of absolute meter readings into a variety of management platforms. Splitter modules make consumption data available to different users, e.g. utility and building management company.

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Frequency converter

For the monitoring of the flow, high frequency pulses sent by the register can be modulated into a current signal and transferred to the control system.
Various functions are available such as an integrated display, backward flow recognition, coupling of different pulse generators etc.

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M-Bus Systems

M-Bus, specified in a European norm, has become the system of choice when building small scale wired fixed network systems for all meter types (water, gas and heat).
Depending upon the number of M-Bus meters in an installation GWF offers different M-Bus data concentrators. The data concentrators can be programmed to capture periodic reading data and storing of the meter values is possible. For the accurate reading of consumption meters data GWF offers the Absolute Encoder meters for simple installation and reliable operation.

Further details can be seen in the products.

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