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Our measurement systems

Responsible use of natural resources starts with knowing what we consume. In a world with increasing resource challenges, we at GWF make the difference in our daily actions. Through our products and services, we show our customers and end users exactly where and how consumption occurs. In doing so, we rely on proven technologies and innovation.

Application areas: All these application areas have one thing in common:
They use innovative measurement systems


Supply & Infrastructure


Building Technology

Industry & Processes

Landwirtschaft & Hydrologie

Irrigation & Hydrology

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Innovation and digitalization

GWF has been investing in the development of new technologies, products and business models and in the digitalization of our processes for years. With customized solutions, we help our customers become more digital and take advantage of modern measurement technology and data processing.

Our brand

The GWF brand goes back to our original name as «Gas- und Wassermesserfabrik Luzern». Today, we still manufacture, refurbish and calibrate gas and water meters at our founding site in Lucerne. As GWF we are proud of our history and at the same time focused on the future.

Swiss market

We have been active in our home market of Switzerland since 1899. In recent years, we have developed from a manufacturer of leading measurement instruments into a system integrator with a broad portfolio of products and solutions for the energy, water and building technology sectors.


We are internationalizing our business by establishing GWF sales and service offices and our global network of long-term distribution partners. We are active as a component and technology supplier for other manufacturers and providers of complete system solutions. In 2022 we were nominated for the Switzerland Global Enterprise Export Award.


It is impossible to imagine the modern energy mix without hydropower. Our measuring devices are used to monitor the efficiency of the turbines online and to optimize the processes for this important energy source. They are thus an essential building block for sustainable operation.

Water supply

In water supply, we offer measurement devices both in the supply network and at the end user. We have various technological solutions - from the proven battery-free encoder water meter «MTKcoder®» to the award-winning ultrasonic flowmeter «Sonico®».

Water as a resource is our passion and we care about the future of our planet. That’s why we combine our innovative measurement technology with easy-to-use software and maintain a global network of leading water management experts to provide solutions to specific water challenges around the world. Learn more about our Waterleader Solutions here.

Sustainability: We care about the environment

GWF provides the necessary means and structures to continuously improve environmental performance. In doing so, we also promote the environmental awareness and knowledge of our employees. We openly inform and motivate them to act in an environmentally conscious manner.

We avoid and reduce waste, emissions and recycle materials. We communicate openly about the environmental compatibility of our products and are committed to dialog with authorities and interested groups.

News & Events: Always up to date
Status about GWF

AQUA Suisse Zürich 25. & 26. October 2023 Stand E18, Halle 5

Visit us at the AQUA Suisse in Zurich on 25 & 26 October 2023

We are pleased to invite you to this year’s AQUA Suisse exhibition on 25 & 26 October in Zurich! The exhibition promises to be an exciting event around the latest…
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Logo Expoagua santiago de Chile

We are at the Expoagua in Chile on September 13, 2023

“NO HAY AGUA QUE PERDER” – “NO WATER TO LOSE” is the focus of the 3rd Expoagua in Santiago de Chile.. Chile is a signatory of the United Nations 2030…
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We will be at the Building Technology Congress in Baden on September 21, 2023.

Climate – Water – Food. Innovations for the food of tomorrow. These are the topics that will dominate at the SWCF in Willsau on 07 – 08 September 2023.
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We will be at the Swiss Water & Climate Forum in Willisau on 07 & 08 September 2023.

Climate – Water – Food. Innovations for the food of tomorrow. These are the topics that will dominate at the SWCF in Willsau on 07 – 08 September 2023.
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Visit us at the NAA Apartmentalize in Atlanta from 7th-9th June

On June 7th-9th, the NAA Apartmentalize will take place in Atlanta where we will be showcasing the revolutionary Truety solution portfolio which is setting…
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About GWF: over 120 years of success

Originally founded as a branch of the company Elster Gasapparate from Berlin in Lucerne, GWF AG has transformed itself through constant development of new products and solutions enabling the company to move into markets beyond the Swiss borders. Follow the path from product manufacturer to comprehensive energy service provider.

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