Investing in innovation.

We invest specifically in promising new technologies, products and business models. We understand technological trends as well as the changing requirements of our customers and utilise the possibilities of digitalisation for ourselves and our customers.


A look into the future.

At this point, you can discover what we are currently working on, where we are now and what you can soon expect. Stay tuned and see how we can surprise you.

Opposite you can see an example of the new product line for ultrasonic flow measurements in large pipelines.


Our expertise is your advantage.

The advantages of the GWFcoder® system are obvious for both gas and water metering. To guarantee the reliability of the encoder system and to permanently increase its efficiency, GWF uses proven state-of-the-art technologies, such as LED technology and cutting-edge microprocessors.

THE GWFcoder®

Enjoying worldwide success for more than 15 years

Patented GWFcoder® technology has been used successfully worldwide for more than 15 years and is being continuously updated to meet current and future market demands. The measuring system therefore remains fully backward compatible and facilitates integration into smart metering systems.

Users benefit from an array of advantages, for example ultra-fast optoelectronic readout, absolute mechanical counter reading, «plug & play» function, maintenance-free operation (no battery) and standardised interfaces. GWFcoder® meters therefore perfectly combine the advantages of both mechanical and electronic meters that have made the GWFcoder® so successful worldwide.


Encoder interface – to meet the needs of today and tomorrow

Responsibility and respect for future generations demand the sustainable utilisation of our natural resources. GWF makes a positive contribution by developing and implementing intelligent metering solutions. We provide trendsetting smart metering system solutions for high-precision measuring instruments, thus facilitating sustainable energy usage.

Standardised interfaces and the «plug & play» function ensure quick and simple connection to various readout systems, including billing systems.

Encoder Partner

Global presence

Cooperation with large international partners has led to the realisation of synergistic effects and the exploitation of research results in order to provide innovative and sustainable solutions efficiently and effectively. Through the performance and impact of these partner networks, encoder technology is already being used by millions of people around the world.


Reliable smart metering technology.

GWF is the leading company in the smart metering sector for the readout of water and gas meters. A wide range of migration-capable and interoperable solutions are available for the all-encompassing smart metering of electricity, water, gas and heat.


Growing tasks with a growing team.

The role of this department goes hand in hand with the pace of technological progress and new market challenges and opportunities. GWF is moving from being a pure producer to becoming a digital service provider with a growing portfolio to satisfy the needs of today’s world. Our employees focus mostly on new developments and enhancements to existing software. The department continues to grow steadily under the leadership of our manager and executive director Markus Helfenstein.

Dr. Markus Helfenstein

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