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Process optimization: The efficient optimization of different processes and innovative metering systems paves the way for economic advantages in service provision. With our expertise and strong partnerships, we strive for a better future in the energy and water sector. We create added value for our customers and offer them future-proof and sustainable metering solutions.

Markus Neuhaus, Managing Director International Sales

ConsultingCustomer Service is a central service

Consulting and support are at the heart of GWF’s comprehensive range of services. The technical support staff assist customers with all questions regarding measurement instruments and the associated system technology as well as all aspects of the acquisition, processing and evaluation of measurement data.

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Water: The valuable Resource water moves

Water as a resource is of the utmost importance worldwide. GWF ensures that people can use water sparingly.

GWF offers a comprehensive range of products for water supplies. In addition to the usual domestic water meters, this also includes meters for large water measuring points.

Water: In Detail

Waste Water: Process Control and Monitoring

The control and treatment of wastewater is vital. Wastewater contains a variety of organic substances that need to be treated and removed before the water is released back into the environment. Advanced collection systems are needed here to get wastewater to the right place at the right time and protect ecosystems. These wastewater collection systems are extremely complex and consist, among other things, of sewers for wastewater discharge, treatment plants and overflow basins. GWF offers flow measurement solutions in all areas of wastewater treatment plants around the world.

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Smart-City: GWF offers end-to-end solutions for Smart-Cities

GWF’s smart solutions enable cities and municipalities to manage their use of resources more efficiently.

Precise measurement of electricity, gas, water and heating provides the basis for intelligent consumption control of energies in a smart city. GWF’s solutions build on modern IoT technologies and use existing communication infrastructures such as fibre optic and LPN networks.

GWF supports city planners and municipal utilities in designing energy-efficient solutions from the idea to operation.

Urs Imholz, Managing Director

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