Join us at VIII Water Utility Congress in Warsaw on September 8 and 9. - GWF

Join us at VIII Water Utility Congress in Warsaw on September 8 and 9.

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We are pleased to announce that we will be presenting our most advanced ultrasonic flow meter Sonico® EDGE on a test bench at the VIII Water Utility Congress in Warsaw.

Developed for highly challenging measurements of freshwater flow in pressurized pipes, the Sonico® EDGE is equipped with the latest GWF 4D technology®. Due to the homogeneous 4D-shape pipe design, the measuring device has unparalleled low-pressure loss. Furthermore, the utility-grade IP68 design and excellent material selection result in highest product robustness. And finally, the Sonico® EDGE is suitable for difficult installation conditions, such as placement directly before or after 90° elbows.

Being the largest conference event in the water and sewage industry organized by the Chamber of Commerce “Wodociągi Polskie”, its mission is to present the entire industry as a key sector for the Polish economy, as a strong, innovative, and wisely managed industry, and finally as an industry that cares about safety and guarantees the highest quality of services.

Please join us at the Congress in Hilton Warsaw City. We are looking forward to discussing with you how our cutting-edge technology might help you to tackle your flow measurement challenges. For more information please get in touch with Łukasz Kubiak and Aleksandra Gnyś-Czeszak who will be present on spot.

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